FINALY ! tomorrow will celebrate of a new year :l kejap jeh kod dh 2011 kan,have just leave a one day to feel a new year,why i'm feel so sad ? miss my storry in 2010 have a most storry like a sad,suck nd HAPPY :) time 2010 i have a wrong with a many people ohh gosh!that guys to forgive me? hmm time form1 best gila kn kan,but time nk going to 14 ni rase mcm kejap jeh dah nk naik form2 tak best lngsong seyy tak dapt holiday panjangg.act tape lah tingal 2hari lagi nk naik school :l hopes bila aku dh masuk form2 ni can changes my bad attitude amin.i wish that i want to open's a new life book's to make i'm better than old attitude wee,and i wish my hubby always in my life until forever amin :>